Knee protection for DIY

DIY projects at home often involve a lot of kneeling and sitting on your knees. Think of activities like painting skirting boards, laying laminate floors or landscaping. Good knee protectors put the fun and comfort back into DIY projects and prevent backache and knee problems.

and smart pressure distribution
and very long-lasting
and co-developed by medical specialists

Knee protectors for comfortable DIY

Working on your knees means there is constant pressure and weight on your knees. However, your knees are generally not built for this position which might cause pain in your back or knees. This definitely make jobs around the house a less pleasant experience. You can prevent pain and enjoy DIY if you wear good knee protectors.


The FENTO 150 is the result of the knowledge we have accumulated from making knee protectors for the professional market; the FENTO 200 (PRO) and FENTO 400 (PRO). After all, people also deserve good knee protectors for DIY projects. The difference with other knee protectors is that FENTO knee protectors distribute the weight across the knees and the lower legs. Bonus: they are also very comfortable.

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