Knee protection for construction workers

Good knee pads are essential if you regularly work on your knees, like construction workers. They can prevent many unpleasant health complaints.

and smart pressure distribution
and very long-lasting
and co-developed by medical specialists

Preventing knee and back complaints

When working in a kneeling position, there is constant pressure on your knees. However, your knee is generally not very capable to withstand this stress, which means damage can occur in the long run. Recovery often takes a long time and damage could be permanent. Working on your haunches is not healthy either, as this stretches the knee ligaments. Knee and back problems can be prevented by wearing good knee protectors, as these offer the right support for your activities.

Why Fento?

For the development of the Fento knee protectors, dozens of people were given a plaster mould to find the correct ergonomic shape. Various prototypes were made, and tested by different types of ‘kneeling workers’. The best solution proved to be a knee protector that distributes the load across the knee as well as the lower leg. The knee protector also had to be light as a feather, breathable and hard-wearing. And that is how the Fento knee protector was born.

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